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Purple Haze

12 Mar

Here are a few edited photos from Sat’s shoot. I added a layer of bokeh from a previous shoot and used the color curves to create the ‘purple haze’ effect. Pretty easy to do. Also, if you want a softer or more natural effect, keep the bokeh in its original color format and change the layer setting to ‘softlight’


Time is Ticking Away

12 Mar

More photos from Sat’s shoot!!

I got this adorable pocket watch style clock for Christmas. I love it so much.

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11 Feb

When I was drawing Mia I took a few photos with my phone.

Terrible photo quality, but I wanted to show the process.

g r o w

9 Feb

Eyelashes. Something I’ve never had a lot of. So naturally, I’m obsessed with them!
Here I layered on of my photos with a photo I took of flowers in Boston. Its a soft delicate look and I might work a bit more on it later.

mia wasikowska

28 Jan

Just finished my drawing of Mia Wasikowska from Tim Burton’s film, Alice in Wonderland!

This is a pencil and paper drawing with my drybrush technique. It took me three days, I stayed up late last night working on the hair which was first dry brushed then the highlights were added with an eraser, then the details were added with a pencil

The photo is a little dark, but when I took it it was taped to my laundry room door lol


28 Jan

Here is some progress on the Alice drawing I’m working on. The hair is going to take me forever but I am mostly happy with the facial features. Debating whether or not to draw her wearing her blue ‘Alice dress’ or something else.. or just draw her face. Sometimes adding detailed clothing distracts from the face and messes a good portrait up. Opinions anybody?

Alice Eyes

27 Jan

I am drawing a portrait of mia wasikowska, Alice from the Tim Burton film.
As always, I started with the eyes.. and I will post more photos when it is closer to being finished. I am using a combination of drawing pencils and a drybrush painting technique