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Purple Haze

12 Mar

Here are a few edited photos from Sat’s shoot. I added a layer of bokeh from a previous shoot and used the color curves to create the ‘purple haze’ effect. Pretty easy to do. Also, if you want a softer or more natural effect, keep the bokeh in its original color format and change the layer setting to ‘softlight’


Time is Ticking Away

12 Mar

More photos from Sat’s shoot!!

I got this adorable pocket watch style clock for Christmas. I love it so much.

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Fly Away

13 Feb

Here is a little photo project I was working on today. I took this photo in Autumn in Oconomowoc, WI and wanted to try this out but didn’t have Photoshop. Glad to be home!

This reminds me of ‘Emily’ from the Tim Burton film, Corpse Bride when she turns into butterflies. I may play around with color and change it to blue, to represent that, but right now I’m enjoying the fall leaf coloring.

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Glimpses of Nature

28 Jan

Here are some macro shots from today’s hike! 

They are edited using photoshop curves


Nature Reflections

28 Jan

I went hiking with my Daddy today and took some photos. Here are some shots by the water! 
We were on the Bald Cypress Trail and it is a beautiful sunny day in FL. Its great to get some fresh air before I start more fashion projects



Before/After Eye edit

21 Jan


Here is another Before and After.



I straitened and cropped the photo then pulled the saturation down to zero. I used the clone tool to remove any blemishes then proceeded to use it on a low setting to even out skin tone and reduce under eye shadows. Next, I used the dodge and burn tools to carefully draw on eyelashes and create the sunburst effect in the eyes. First I darkened the outer edge of the eyes then started drawing strokes up and down. I also did circular patterns inside the eye to add depth. This was exhausting… but hey, I’m obsessed with eyes!!


Windows to the soul

17 Jan

Windows to the soul

I am obsessed with eyes. I draw them all over my math homework.. play with them on photo shop, and waste hours putting mascara on. When I was younger I always wanted blue eyes, but I’ve finally decided brown eyes are just as pretty. They are deep and thoughtful. Also, children have the most gorgeous eyes, don’t they?