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Roses are red… and black and white

20 Feb

I layered a few of my valentine rose photos and switched to black and white.

I changed up the brightness/contrast curves to the center rose to give it the ‘sugar dipped’ effect. Other than that, its all basic layering using ‘overlay’, ‘hard light’, and the normal settings.


Happy belated Valentines day!

19 Feb

I had a lovely Valentines day!! Here is a quick rose pic.. more coming later.. gotta layer them

g r o w

9 Feb

Eyelashes. Something I’ve never had a lot of. So naturally, I’m obsessed with them!
Here I layered on of my photos with a photo I took of flowers in Boston. Its a soft delicate look and I might work a bit more on it later.

Glimpses of Nature

28 Jan

Here are some macro shots from today’s hike! 

They are edited using photoshop curves


Forest Fairy

5 Jan

Doing some photo shop edits on my Forest Fairy shoot. Basically just using curves to fix the colors and adjusting the lighting. I”m always a little scared to add an unnatural hue like purple, but since she’s a fairy, I think it adds a nice touch. I haven’t really mastered the curves setting, but I think I’m a little better than I was last year.. hopefully. Here are some ‘before and after’ shots. Enjoy!

Before and After

Morning glory

14 Oct

Did a quick shoot yesterday in a patch of morning glories.

Here are a few shots!



Pencil art

11 Aug

I finished the drawing I started yesterday!