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A pinch of magic

11 Mar

Yesterday I did a fantasy, fairy type shoot. I used smoke bomb fireworks for the ‘mist’ and color effects. One of them blew up in my hand. ouch. (I picked it up because I thought it was a dud). I shot the photos in the woods behind my house and I freaked out. All the plants seemed to have little ‘three leaf’ clumps so everything looked like poison ivy. Anyways, here are a few photos! Check out my page to see the rest…


Forest Fairy

5 Jan

Doing some photo shop edits on my Forest Fairy shoot. Basically just using curves to fix the colors and adjusting the lighting. I”m always a little scared to add an unnatural hue like purple, but since she’s a fairy, I think it adds a nice touch. I haven’t really mastered the curves setting, but I think I’m a little better than I was last year.. hopefully. Here are some ‘before and after’ shots. Enjoy!

Before and After

Test shot

14 Oct

Test shot with Katherine


Blow me away

9 Oct

Windy day for shoot! A little unusual for FL, there isn’t normally much wind unless there’s a hurricane.

But, I got some lovely windblown shots. Enjoy!

To see more photos, visit the link below…


Photoshop Curves

9 Oct

Well I’m working on editing some photos from today’s shoot. Trying out some the ‘curves’ setting on photo shop to add some color to black and white photos. I think it adds a nice pop without taking away from the detail in the makeup art.


21 Sep

I love makeup. Sometimes a little too much though!

I hadn’t been wearing much makeup this summer, but after I had to empty out my makeup drawer and move all my cosmetics to my bathroom I started playing with them again, experimenting with different colors and styles. I had a lot of fun and I wish it was socially acceptable to walk around in public with costume makeup on.

After painting my entire face with eyeshadow for my butterfly photos, I decided I need to start doing makeup on other people because I make a mess and got glitter all over my camera. Anyways, I just bought two packs of false lashes and I have lots of ideas for future photo shoots and I’m really excited!