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panda rice

6 Feb

For Chinese New Year me and my little sister made rice ball pandas.. it took much longer than I expected! I cut out all the little facial features out of seaweed. It was fun giving them different expressions… this one is sleeping



15 Jan


Layered a photo from my last shoot onto a photo I had taken this summer when I was visiting Newport, RI. I am always searching for locations near me (I’m currently in FL) to take photos at, but I’m always bored. I’m going to start using photos I’ve taken while traveling to use as backgrounds. Click the photo to see the rests of the album.. Enjoy!

Oconomowoc Lake

24 Dec

Quick photo shoot at Oconomowoc… very quick. Simply because it was so cold outside! Sadly, the snow is gone, but hey… its still cold.


hello, my name is XiaoLin

5 Dec

hello, my name is XiaoLin

Just a quick b.w self portrait collage.. I guess its really very simple, but it captures my emotion at the time.
I find eyes facinating, they are often called the ‘windows to the world’. It is through your eyes that emotion is portrayed. For example, the wrinkles people get around their eyes from laughing or the tears that fall from crying. I have pages of eyes I’ve drawn.. its a little bizzare, but its something I never get bored of. I also include eyes in a lot of my abstract art and focus on them in portraits



4 Dec


Working on learning photoshop curves. I love the watercolor-like effect it gives! The photos were taken on a cold gloomy day and the added color brightens it up and makes it much more artistic. I like the one on the right better, I think I added too much red on the left one. I used my f/1.8 portrait lens to get the great DOF. Click the photo to see more pics from this shoot!
love, Xiaolin

Flying in the wind

8 Oct

Just wrapped up another creative shoot! Enjoy!

Its been a long day. Again, remember what I said about it always raining during my photoshoots?

Well, I at least I’m used to it now. I walked to the Party Store to buy balloons and I was really enjoying the wind. However, the walk home was much more difficult. Being 90 pounds isn’t a good thing when the wind starts picking up, and the helium balloons start to fly away and sweep you off your feet! Well I made it home safe and sound. I was quite proud of myself until I got out of the shower, opened my bedroom door and two of the balloon popped in my face. The balloon bits actually landed in my hair, as well as a good amount of that sticky stuff that’s inside. Great. I just washed my hair and now there is sticky stuff in it. Gross.

The dress is made out of vintage lace that was my grandmothers! It was a great piece for this shoot as well as the Harry Potter shoot.

I did the makeup and hair quickly before it rained and I am so thankful it turned out so well! I was going for a makeup look to match the hair, with the black lace like detailing.  The hair was teased huge when we started, but sadly the wind and rain got rid of a lot of the volume before long.

To see more photos of this shoot, follow the link below!

Custom Alice costume

26 Sep

I finished designing and sewing a custom Alice in Wonderland costume!

The dress is traditional Alice blue with a white pinafore. I also made a white tutu to go underneath so it has a nice bell shaped skirt.

Anyways, here it is in my sewing room all ironed, wrapped, and ready to go to fittings!