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Purple Haze

12 Mar

Here are a few edited photos from Sat’s shoot. I added a layer of bokeh from a previous shoot and used the color curves to create the ‘purple haze’ effect. Pretty easy to do. Also, if you want a softer or more natural effect, keep the bokeh in its original color format and change the layer setting to ‘softlight’


Time is Ticking Away

12 Mar

More photos from Sat’s shoot!!

I got this adorable pocket watch style clock for Christmas. I love it so much.

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A pinch of magic

11 Mar

Yesterday I did a fantasy, fairy type shoot. I used smoke bomb fireworks for the ‘mist’ and color effects. One of them blew up in my hand. ouch. (I picked it up because I thought it was a dud). I shot the photos in the woods behind my house and I freaked out. All the plants seemed to have little ‘three leaf’ clumps so everything looked like poison ivy. Anyways, here are a few photos! Check out my page to see the rest…

Roses are red… and black and white

20 Feb

I layered a few of my valentine rose photos and switched to black and white.

I changed up the brightness/contrast curves to the center rose to give it the ‘sugar dipped’ effect. Other than that, its all basic layering using ‘overlay’, ‘hard light’, and the normal settings.

Happy belated Valentines day!

19 Feb

I had a lovely Valentines day!! Here is a quick rose pic.. more coming later.. gotta layer them

Fly Away

13 Feb

Here is a little photo project I was working on today. I took this photo in Autumn in Oconomowoc, WI and wanted to try this out but didn’t have Photoshop. Glad to be home!

This reminds me of ‘Emily’ from the Tim Burton film, Corpse Bride when she turns into butterflies. I may play around with color and change it to blue, to represent that, but right now I’m enjoying the fall leaf coloring.

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g r o w

9 Feb

Eyelashes. Something I’ve never had a lot of. So naturally, I’m obsessed with them!
Here I layered on of my photos with a photo I took of flowers in Boston. Its a soft delicate look and I might work a bit more on it later.