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Prom Dress

26 Jan

I went fabric shopping yesterday and today with a friend of mine. We selected fabric for her prom dress and I’ll start constructing it tomorrow. Below is the reference photo.

I was originally hoping to find a brocade to use, but the only patterns were of an Asian style and very colorful. Option number two was silk since it is the best to work with.. but there wasn’t any in the correct color and I am not prepared to dye fabric to a specific color. Its seems odd that I would travel to several fabric stores filled with bolts of fabric and not find exactly what I’m looking for. Then again, I can be a very picky person


Steampunk Waistcoat

16 Jan

I am selling my waistcoats online (made to order) on my Etsy.

Lace up corset style detailing on back. Sides snap to pin up pockets.

Bust- 29-33
Waist- 23-27

Want a custom size? Email me at

Draping Techniques?

15 Jan

Found this material in my closet recently. I have it pinned on my dress form. I’ve always liked playing with fabric, but I don’t have a very established draping technique. I just have an idea in my head and I try to get the fabric to lay that way. Its fun making funny shapes and stuff too, I normally pin it all up then try it a different way till I like how it sits and flows. Also, this is terrible fabric for draping.. it is very thick and gets bunched up. Oh well…


Before and After- Textures

12 Jan

Working with different textures and layers.. here’s another ‘before and after’ example.
There are several layers. The first is photo shop curves, I added green and blue tones to the top edges and a warm gold below.
Second, I layered a photo of an open book on the setting ‘overlay’ on full opacity. Next I added a texture layer.



Here is a second example that is similar.  I took the original photo and added a texture layer on the setting ‘darken’. Then added the same open book photo as a new layer but making it black and white and on the setting ‘hard light’. Next I added a layer of curves to add depth to the three dark corners and fade the green hue a bit making it more mysterious.



D r e a m e r

11 Jan

The props in this shoot mean a lot to me. The books were my Dad’s from when he was a boy. The orange dress my Mom wore as a teenager, and I made the green dress and mini jacket.  The green material was my Grandmothers. The scissor necklace my sister bought for me in NYC. Oh, and i think the teacups were a wedding present for my mother? Anyways, each item has a special memory and now they are preserved forever. Enjoy!

Bows are adorable

8 Jan


Working on a new dress.. just hand sewed a bow on the front. The bodice is boned and has a built in bra with underwire. Very tricky constructing it, but I am pleased with the result. Want one? message me on facebook

Forest Fairy

5 Jan

Doing some photo shop edits on my Forest Fairy shoot. Basically just using curves to fix the colors and adjusting the lighting. I”m always a little scared to add an unnatural hue like purple, but since she’s a fairy, I think it adds a nice touch. I haven’t really mastered the curves setting, but I think I’m a little better than I was last year.. hopefully. Here are some ‘before and after’ shots. Enjoy!

Before and After