Natural lighting

10 Sep

Taking photos outside in Florida is difficult because it is normally very sunny, creating harsh lighting and shadows. The best time I like to take photos is when the clouds passes over the sun diffusing the light rays and creating the effect of a huge softbox. However, in Florida, that natural softbox quickly becomes an afternoon rainstorm!

Anyways, I’ve come up with a few ideas to overcome bad outdoor lighting…

The first tip is to always shoot into the sun. It makes sense to have the subject looking at the sun to light up the face, but this doesn’t always work if the sun is too bright. The face will become too bright and and have harsh shadows around the eyes and nose. Also, staring at at sun will make the subject squint. Instead, have the subject face away from the sun, and if even if the face becomes too dark, at least the lighting will be even and the shadows can be ajusted with a bit of editing.

Reflectors are often used to create better lighting. In natural lighting, the light rays bounce off of other objects such as walls of buildings and water. My favorite setting is when the light bounces off of the floor. It creates a soft glowing light. I have done three photoshoots on a floor of light colored bricks. Even in the brightest sunlight the photos still turned out great! The bricks will bounce the light back up to the subject as long as they are close enough to the ground.

Bad lighting vs. Good lighting

A few of my photos with the bricks reflecting the light-





2 Responses to “Natural lighting”

  1. maggiehumes September 20, 2011 at 10:06 pm #

    Great tip. I live in Southern California, so I can definitely relate. Love the photos too. I like the first.

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